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Wootton-by-Woodstock Primary

Wootton-by-Woodstock Primary

Information for Parents

This school aims to work in partnership with parents. By working together we can achieve the very best for your child. As well as supporting the school in the operation of policies and procedures, your use of the communication systems on offer will serve to benefit your child. You will need to know about your child’s progress, what is going on in and about school and may also wish to make contributions to school life yourself. Parents may communicate at any time with the Governing Body or members of the school staff. 

For Information with regard to pupil progress

  • Parent Teacher Interviews
  • Written Reports and Targets information
  • Home school communication books
  • Informal daily contact
  • Work viewing afternoons

For Information with regard to events, Extended Schools and documentation

  • An 'open door' policy
  • Written letters
  • A message on the board in the playground
  • School notice boards
  • Surveys, audits, questionnaires and feedback
  • The School Prospectus
  • The parish magazine
  • Personal day to day contact
  • A Friends of the School Association- the Friends of Wootton School
  • A Parent Forum
  • The Annual Governors Meeting for Parents
  • A school website
  • E-mail

For making your views known:

  • Face to face conversation, on an informal or formal basis with governor or staff individuals
  • By letter, directed to the governors or to the Head Teacher
  • By email, directed to the school office
  • By telephone

We very much hope that you will wish to work in partnership with us and genuinely welcome your contributions in all aspects of school life.