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Wootton-by-Woodstock Primary

Wootton-by-Woodstock Primary


Crowdfunder campaign for 'The Lost Words' book.....................

The Lost Words for every Primary, Infant and Special School in Oxfordshire

We are delighted to announce the start of a crowdfunding campaign on 14th February (Valentine’s Day and International Book Giving Day) to raise enough funds to provide a copy of The Lost Words by Robert Macfarlane and Jackie Morris to every primary, infant and special school in Oxfordshire.

This award-winning book (Children’s Book of the Year 2018) was inspired by the removal of words like acorn, bluebell, conker, kingfisher and otter from the Oxford Junior Dictionary. The Lost Words book combines a series of acrostic spells related to each lost word – intended to be read aloud – with beautiful accompanying illustrations.

Our target is to raise £4,000 in 28 days. We then intend to begin distributing the books at the beginning of the summer term. 

Lost Words Oxon Team