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Wootton-by-Woodstock Primary

Wootton-by-Woodstock Primary

First Days Back

Dear Parent/Carer.............................................

School Learners

This is just a brief message to report back that the children in school have been an absolute delight this week; what a pleasure to come back to well behaved and keen learners who are trying so hard to follow the rules!

Next week: Please would parents send children to school with their own pack of tissues. This would help catch those stray sneezes – particularly in the younger year groups. Thank you.

Home Learners

We are all thinking of you!

We ask parents of home learners to bear with us as we are now trying to learn the new technology behind Google Classrooms as fast as we can. This week we will post work as usual on the school website as well as on Google classrooms. As we become more skilled in the new technology we will introduce more functionality into the work so that we can be more interactive.

Best wishes,

Valerie Lucas